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Welcome to Orange County, NC's business personal property online listing system.

E-Filing is free for Orange County, NC.

Messages from the county:


    • ** February 2, 2015 Regular Listing Period Deadline **

    • ** February 2, 2015 Deadline for Requesting Listing Period Extensions **

    • ** April 15, 2015 Listing Period Deadline with Approved Listing Period Extension **

    • Welcome to the Orange County online listing service.

    • Online business listings and listing period extension requests are available at no charge to Orange County businesses. This convenient and easy-to-use service will save you time and expense in filing your business listings.

    • Account information and cost data have been pre-populated in TAXscribe for all active businesses that were listed with the Orange County Tax Office last year. Only additions, deletions, and corrections will need to be entered. Please use the search function to locate your business. Do not add a new business account unless you are reporting an unlisted business.

    • Your account number is the abstract number assigned by Orange County. Please refer to your Business Personal Property Listing form for the abstract number.

    • Authorized agents for the taxpayer may sign online listings for the taxpayer by submitting a properly completed Form AV-59 Taxpayer Agent Authorization. Instructions will be provided in the online listing process.

    • If you have any assessment questions that cannot be answered by the TAXscribe Help features on this website, please contact one of our business personal property appraisers:

    • Brenda Riley 919-245-2104

    • Christy Carden 919-245-2727